B- Town Vapes

B-Town Vapes was born in 2012 as Billings 1st ever vape shop. We take pride in building connections with our customers. We believe in educating about the liquid and devices we sell to promote safety while using your new or old device. Vaping is an ever changing industry and we strive to meet and exceed your needs as a client of ours.

We offer a massive selection of mods, e-liquids, batteries and accessories at competitive prices. Our in-store Loyalty punch cards consists of buying 5 e-liquids and getting the 6th one for 50% Off. We offer a wide variety of flavors and nicotine levels as well as 0 nicotine. All of our e-liquids are Made in USA and meet the standards of regulations by having our liquids made in an iso clean Lab. We offer a tasting experience station to help you find the flavor of E-liquid you desire. We offer everything from starter kits for beginners to advanced mechanical mod setups and everything in between. We also specialize in CBD products such as E-Liquids pure additive, Wax, and Disposables for the non-vapor.

CBD is known to help with thousands of different medical conditions most common is Anxiety, Insomnia, Muscle aches and Pains, Anti-inflammatory and many more. B-Town Vapes is here to serve the people in Billings and beyond while helping provide a spectacular friendly service. We put the B in B-Town Vapes. We are located in the busy Doc & Eddy's Liquor store and are open everyday for your convenience 9am until 9pm to meet your needs. We hope to see you soon.