Our Family

Computer Gaming

Taylor - Owner

Lucas - Vape Shop Specialist

Lucas - Vape Shop Specialist

Taylor has been with the business for over 5 years now. He stays up to date with all the new information in the industry. He loves his Tobacco pure. In his spare time he likes playing video games and relaxing. If you have a puppy Taylor loves puppies bring your puppy in for a treat. Taylor loves to spend time with his fur baby Remington. He is also engaged to Ashley.

Fast Car

Lucas - Vape Shop Specialist

Lucas - Vape Shop Specialist

Lucas - Vape Shop Specialist

 Lucas Joined our Team Jan. 2020, He enjoys seeing the mechanical side of how things work. He uses mechanical mods and RDAs to match them. He loves the challenges of building them and tinkering. He also loves working on his car which is an 81 Volkswagen rabbit. He vapes unicorn treats by humble. Generally loves the cereal flavors. He is currently using his mutation rda and smok g-priv 3. He has a Fiance and will be an amazing addition to our family of vapers.



Nicholas - Volunteer

Lucas - Vape Shop Specialist

Nicholas - Volunteer

Nicholas volunteers his time at the shop to work on our website and help out with other tasks that need to be done. He also operates our social media accounts as well.. He is an extraordinary person. 

What is B-Town Vapes doing during COVID-19?

COVID-19 & what is B-Town Vapes doing?

1.) Are you sick with just the cold, flu or something else? B-Town Vapes offers FREE delivery in Billings now from 9am-10pm Daily. So keep your sickness to yourself and rest up.

2.) B-Town Vapes installed a Medical graded Hepa 13 virus air purification system in our store to help prevent germs, bacteria, dust, pollen, mold etc.

3.) We now clean with ALL Lysol products daily. This means we spray to disinfect, we mop with lysol and we use lysol wipes.

4.) We have set up thru the store multiple bottles of Hand Sanitizer as well as tissues these are always complimentary to our shoppers and we HIGHLY recommend when you enter to use the sanitizer. You may also do so as you leave or at checkout.

5.) B-Town believes in community compassion and kindness therefore we have ordered a pallet of toilet paper, KLEENEX, and antibacterial bar soap to give back to the community to those who may not be able to get some off the shelf because the stores are out... If you are hoarding please do not hoard more this is for the less fortunate. ;) Date to be announced once items arrive. (NO COST TO ANYONE)

6.) There is a shortage on vape coils and supplies. Distributors are recommending this to last a few months. We are highly recommending you to stock up on coils, pods etc... We do have a supply but only on certain items. We also have some Plan B options in place as well. Please be sure you are buying "Authentic" and "Authorized" coils... You will notice alot of retailers selling knock offs for same price and they make more because the consumers can't tell the difference... If your coils are not lasting at least a week or are not marked with security codes chances are you got a knockoff. Be careful of scams. We at B-Town Vapes buy 100% Authorized and Authenticated products from Licensed distributors.

7.) Open door policy. If you ever have questions, comments, concerns etc please feel free to reach out to us as we have a number of ways for you to contact us. We are on Instagram, Snapchat, Email, Phone support etc... To stay up to date on the latest information visit our website www.b-townvapes.com

8.) Family owned & operated, most shops are chain stores while B-Town Vapes is a 1 business only store and our FOCUS is YOU. You will find the Owners, Manager, and Staff all working together as a family under one roof. We don't believe in opening multiple stores as this may lose our passion and focus for our community. So your support is truly valued.

We are open EVERYDAY 11am-8pm yuuup Sundays Too!



B-Town Vapes is trying to be Earth Friendly!

Making the earth recycle


We have a few options for you to obtain a receipt in helping us to make the earth a little greener. You can email a receipt or if you are a rewards member just download the app called APP CARD your receipts will auto save at the end of every purchase. Let's reduce paper together after all you honestly just will throw it away anyways or lose it. 

Fliers for promotions & announcements

We no longer will hand out fliers for announcements or for coupons or promotions. We will now utilize our online website which if you look on the homepage it offers a subscribe button for your email. We will email monthly or more depending if we have breaking news to share etc this will save on paper. Also we announce on Facebook and sometimes on Instagram. 

Checkout Bags

Do you really need a bag for your 1 coil and 1 bottle of juice? Let's think about the waste we create by asking for a bag just because. From now on we no longer ask you the customer would you like a bag. Instead if you desperately need a bag which we will remind you that we are going greener we do carry paper bags instead of plastic due to the fact that plastic is horrible for our ocean eco system as well as paper breaks down easier and is more cost effective to our business.

Starting March 1st 2020 if you need a plastic ziploc baggie for your liquids or anything else we will be charging 10 cents per baggie due to the new bags being Biodegradable.  

Kratom Ziploc Bags

Our Kratom Ziploc Bags have now increased in coat at 4x because we still have to use plastic for this however now we are using a Biodegradable plastic bag which is far more eco friendly than traditional bags.

If you have a CLEAN Reusable container you can save 5% off your Kratom purchase by helping us conserve! 

Trash Bags

Here is the description of our trash bags from the company... They are better than traditional bags and is another step we can take to going greener...

Made with 70% (third-party certified) Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) LLDPE. The exclusive closed-loop recycling process allows our trash bags to be manufactured at the highest quality. Exceeds EPA Procurement Guidelines by 700%, UL ECOLOGO certified and counts toward LEED. Proud members of 1% For The Planet. At least 40% of our packaging is made from PCR paper. Made in the U.S.A

Coffee Supplies

We do offer our customers and guests of B-Town Vapes FREE hot coffee, tea & hot cocoa. All of which you need a cup for right?!? Well, we always welcome you to bring your own travel mug. We also are going over to environmental friendly biodegradable coffee cups along with getting rid of plastic straws replacing them with wooden stir sticks. We have included a donation jar near the coffee pot on the wall which ALL proceeds will go twords making the planet a greener planet. Just think you can come in get a cup of coffee with all the fixings throw a quarter in or even 50cents and you have just planted a few seeds to start some tree growth to some fresh coffee beans. 

Printer Paper

We now use printer paper called TREE ZERO which is paper not used from TREES. It is truly saving the earth. 

Conserving Energy!

Billings Sign Service recently came out to the rescue and installed a timer for our Big Light up sign which will turn on at Dark (4pm-5pm and shut off between 11pm & midnight) this way it isn't running thru the entire night until we come back in the morning at 9am to shut it off. #SaveEnergy

Do you have a suggestion?

If you have suggestions in helping us to make B-Town to go just a touch greener then please contact us. We are more than happy to listen and try to help save the earthby doing our part! 

We believe if our small business can make a change then everyone can and hopefully we can make an impact on others to help make that change as well.