Q: How do you properly prime a coil?

A: Place fluid into your tank and while the power is off take 10 super good dry hits and then turn your device back on and you are ready to go.

Q: I have a Breeze and have been told I can only use Salts is that true?

A: FALSE!!! Aspire Breeze was invented before salt nicotine e-liquid. Aspire recommends that you do not use anything higher than a 70vg however our personal recommendation is using a 50/50 blend or 70pg you of course can use the salts its all preference.

Q: I heard I can get popcorn lung from vaping is that true?

A:  Popcorn lung is characterized by the lung tissue scarring and becoming narrow. ... In fact, the condition was first identified among popcorn factory workers who inhaled the chemical in the workplace. Popcorn lung is also known as obliterative bronchiolitis, bronchiolitis obliterans, or constrictive bronchiolitis. 


WHAT'S TRUE: A December 2015 Harvard study concluded that diacetyl, which is associated with popcorn lung, is present in e-cigarettes, 


The Harvard study did not prove a link between e-cigarettes and popcorn lung; it simply stated that the possibility should be explored through additional research.

Diacetyl is found in most of the creamy/custard e-liquids. Our in-house e-liquid started using a different mixture not associated to health affects. 

Q: Why and what makes your CBD cost more?

A: Our CBD is KOI & CBDFX both of them being amazing brands. KOI we charge their prices except for when you purchase 1500mg or higher we discount as it can get super costly and we understand. CBDFX we run anywhere between $5-$10 cheaper than their online site. Be super cautious when buying CBD you must take the MG & Bottle Size into effect. Example 500mg in a 30ml bottle is 16mg per 1ml. 500mg in a 10ml bottle is higher concentrated to 50mg per 1ml. The intake is important to know if the product will work or not for you.

Q: I do not see my product online?

A: Chances are If you do not see your product on our website we probably have it in the store or are able to special order it in for you at a discounted price. Please reach out to us for specifics and costs. You won't be disappointed. You will be surprised the deals we can do if we don't carry your favorite.

Q: I submitted my order how do i pay?

If you submitted your order please allow a few moments for an invoice to be sent to your email you provided. You will then be able to input your card information thru this process on your own. If its not during normal business hours you will eventually get it once we open. Our shipping is Lightning speed with 2-3 days shipping for the most part & FREE