Supporting our customers dreams & small businesses

We support our local community. This page is designed to give back to our customers who shop with us

B-Town Vapes is a locally owned business we are not a chain and we work independently. Our customers are an important staple to our business or "family". Without them we wouldn't be here today as strong as we are thru the battles. This Page is dedicated to our customers who support us. Whether they sell insurance, do lawncare, snow removal, babysit, walk your dog, adopt animals, sell on etsy or other sites, make homemade goods, massage therapists, artists, attorney, therapist, accountant, paralegal, car sales, contractor, photographers basically anything you can think of as long as you have a business card you have 2 dedicated spots. One being in our shop with your business cards and #2 being on our website on this page. If you have a link to your social media or website we will link your business card to that absolutely FREE. Support your local businesses and community members. It helps build strong businesses and stronger communities.

We support those who support us, However we are not affiliated with these businesses. B-Town Vapes takes ZERO responsibility for anyone doing business between these businesses. Your opinions and reviews are solely your discretion of the persons business and NOT to be associated with B-Town Vapes in any way. 


Help the community grow stronger by supporting local